DEFENDER Gaming headset Warhead HN-G150 black cable 2.3m

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These Defender headset is made for everyone that is searching for something very reliable and more professional. The headset is really comfortable as it has the closed earcup design which makes them quite easy to fit as well as makes them very cosy. The 2.3m cable provides enough length for your headset to move it around, making it easier for you to find the best spot from where to use them. They are compatible with all mobile devices as well but their main use is to provide gamers the best experience and sound quality while they're playing. Headset has the standard 3.5mm jack cable connector. Headset provides good noise-autenuation, making any surrounding noises much more quiet and allowing you to listen to music or head sounds without any noises disturbing you. It has an additional volume control on the cord for proper volume adjustments directly for the headset.

EAN: 4714033641043

Width: 203mm

Height: 246mm

Depth: 93mm

Weight: 414g

DEFENDER Gaming headset Warhead HN-G150 black cable 2.3m
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